How to Find Product Serial Numbers

Finding the serial number on your device can sometimes be difficult due to the numerous places manufacturers print them and the various indicators provided. This guide will help you find the serial number on your product should you need it.

Step 1: Determine Manufacturer

The first step is to determine who made your device. This should be easy enough as most manufacturers print their logo proudly across their devices. Some common manufacturers are Lenovo, HP, Dell, and Microsoft. (All of which are partners of ours, by the way.)

Lenovo Logo
HP Logo
Dell Logo
Microsoft Logo

Step 2: Identify Wording

Different manufacturers use different names for the serial numbers attached to their devices. For example, Dell uses the term Service Tag (ST) to identify unique devices. Take a quick look at your manufacturers website to determine what phrase you need to find before you start looking on your device. The serial numbers on Revo Technologies systems will be denoted by an R- before the serial number. For example, your serial number could be R-12739.

Step 3: Look for Tags

Next, look on the back or bottom of the computer for any tags with small print or barcodes on them. These tags or stickers are usually where serial numbers are printed. On Revo Technologies laptops, this tag will be red and is typically located on the back of desktop PCs or on the bottom of laptops.

Serial Number Tag

Step 4: Find Keywords

Once you have found the tags on your computer, you can start looking for the key words you identified earlier. Make sure you look closely and look for abbreviated versions of the keywords as well. Dell, for example, will sometimes abbreviate Service Tag to ST on laptop labels. Once you have identified the serial number, you can provide it to your technician or include it with your service request to help expedite the support process.

Dell Service Tag (ST)

Additonal Help

If you are unable to find the necessary details, we have technicians here to help! Contact us with any questions you have, or give us a call at (801) 890-5400 or (844) 738-6727.